Ofsted 'GOOD'

11th October 2017
'Thropton Village First School is a GOOD School'  Ofsted 2017
Please find below the OFSTED report detailing the inspection that was carried out at Thropton Village First School on the 26th & 27th September, 2017. We are very pleased that the report shows that Thropton Village First School is now a GOOD school.
We note that the key findings of the report show that:
  • Leaders, staff and governors are united in their desire to improve the school and ensure that it is at the heart of the community. They have tackled weaknesses head on and have an accurate picture of what still needs to be done;
  • Parents and Carers have full confidence in the school and are integral to its future development. They appreciate their views are valued;
  • An effective partnership with the nearby middle school has improved leadership and teaching; 
  • Teaching is improving and is now good. Strong teamwork means that expertise is shared. Leaders ensure that individuals receive well-targeted support and training;
  • Effective teaching ensures that pupils now make good progress in their reading, writing and mathematics and other subjects such as science and French;
  • Staff have an in-depth knowledge of each child so that disadvantaged pupils and those who have special educational needs and/or disabilities receive the right support to overcome anything which might hamper their good progress;
  • Early Years provision is good. Children settle and make good gains as a result of wellplanned, enjoyable opportunities to learn;
  • Behaviour is good. Pupils want to learn and respond keenly to what their teachers are asking of them. Lunchtimes and playtimes are relaxed and sociable. The playground is well resourced so pupils are occupied purposefully;
  • Pupils are keen to take responsibility in class and around the school. They help each other and their teachers willingly. Pupils who are new to the school settle quickly and make friends;
  • The curriculum has been developed carefully in response to the school’s mission statement. Pupils experience a rich range of visits and visitors to ensure that they understand their own community and the wider world;
We recognise that the report highlights areas in which the school can further improve and we will work to quickly improve these areas, namely:
  • Pupils’ progress in geography and history is not as strong as in other subjects because they are not challenged enough to develop skills in these subjects;
  • Pupils, and the most able in particular, are sometimes given tasks in a range of subjects that restricts how much they can write and this prevents them from being fully challenged;
  • In early years, some resources do not encourage exploration and investigation;
  • Subject leaders have begun to check on the quality of the curriculum and teaching. This is at an early stage and has yet to further improve pupils’ learning.
We are delighted that the OFSTED report recognises the many improvements we have made since our last full inspection in December, 2015. As the report states; “Since the last inspection, the whole staff team and governors have united in a drive to improve the school. Mindful of the school’s importance in a rural village community they have ensured that parents continue to be fully involved in new developments.” We have made much progress in the last two years. This successful report shows us a clear direction to follow in order to ensure that Thropton Village First School becomes an even better school. We will ensure that this pathway is followed and that we will take this path in full partnership with you, our parents. Our parent body were overwhelmingly positive about the school and we thank you for your on-going support. We look forward to carrying on our journey together to ensure that Thropton Village First School enables each child to be the very best they can be.
Sue Bolam (Chair of Governors)
Liam Murtagh (Executive Headteacher)